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12 Tastiest Healthy Dessert Recipe Instagram Accounts 🧁Low Calorie!

We're self isolating. We're finding ourselves spending more and more time grazing through the kitchen as we work from home. The idea of baking pops into mind for the first time in years. The gym is closed, we wonder if we can redeem ourselves by baking some scrumptious low calorie treats in exchange for not working the calories off?

If you've read this far, you're in. Here are our twelve favourite healthy baked treats recipe accounts right now:

Choosing Balance - Healthy, Simple Recipes

Rachel Mansfield - Healthy Recipes

Gather & Feast - Simple Wholesome Recipes

Minimalist Baker - Under 30min Recipes

The Toasted Pinenut - Low-Carb & Gluten-Free Recipes

Feel Good Foodie - Healthy-ish Feel Good Recipes

Bianca Zapatka - Vegan Foodporn

Melissa's Healthy Kitchen - Easy Recipes

Sarah's Fit Food - Healthy Dessert Recipes

Fit Mitten Kitchen - Real Food Recipes

Flora & Vino - Easy Plat-Based Recipes

Ambitious Kitchen - Nourishing Recipes

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