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14 Minimalist, Trending Nail Art Styles 💅🏼

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The results are in, less is more. Here are our top trending picks for nail art that utilises negative space. Get ready to screenshot and DIY in iso, or send to your nail tech for your first visit back

Feature Dots - Betina Goldstein

Spicks and specks on a clear nail, it's a yes from us

Rainbow Tips But Make it Minimal - Hang Nguyen

A pared-back take on the rainbow nail trend

The 'Reverse Frenchie' - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

A fresh take on the classic

Lotsa Love - Olive & June

A sweet sprinkle of hearts

Up In The - House of Lady Muck

Cloudy with a chance of chic

Black Feature - Oi Nail

Asymmetrical shapes to catch the eye of that cute Barista as you tap & go

All But - Paintbox Nails

An exaggerated statement french tip

Lines & Colours - Emilie Heathe

A mismatch of colour flecks and white lines translates into a work of handheld art

Rosy Tips - Fashion Bnkr

Sweet licks of red on a pointy nail to say 'this girl means business'

Moooo-ve Over Leopard Print - Color Theory LA

We're the girls from the bush & we're back in towwwwwwn

Send Nudes - The Nail Room Burleigh

Neutral shade dreams

Nail Art & Chill - Chill House

Monotone patterns to match every outfit

Delicate Elegance - Coffee & Kruvasan

Practicality arguable, style non-negotiable

As Simple as Possible - Zoe Alva

A style safe to leave to grow out until the budget permits a fresh set

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