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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants, Bars + Cafes

Spice up your restaurant's socials! - Gold Coast Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Gold Coast Social Media Marketing is tough. There are so many beautiful restaurants, bars, and cafes on the Gold Coast all clamouring for the attention of the lucky people who live here. To get the results you want from your social media platforms, you need to come up with a plan suited to the individual needs of your restaurant. Words Social Marketing can help with a free review of your existing social media efforts, but to get you started thinking about your Gold Coast social media marketing plan check out our tips for serving up awesome Gold Coast social media marketing for restaurants

Mouth-watering HD.

First impressions matter. People will notice If your posts are blurry, shaky or poorly lit, and then it won't matter how delicious your food looks. So, don't undercut the hard work of your kitchen staff, only post high-quality images and videos. Soft lighting, consistent and subtle use of filters and a clean background will make your plates pop on the 'gram.

Be a crowd-pleaser.

The best bit about social media is it's social! Use your social channels to engage with your customers one on one. Like, comment on, and share photos that customers post of your restaurant and food. Engaging with customers gives you an insight into what they like most about your restaurant, and it is a great way to turn customers into repeat customers!

Do you know who I am?

Your social channels are your opportunity to celebrate what makes your restaurant unique. Whether it's your creative dishes, fantastic venue, or the laid back vibe, think about what style of post is going to showcase the best features of your restaurant. Consistency is key here, once you've found a style that works for you try to stick to it. Wild variations in content can be off-putting to customers and make your social platforms seem amateurish.

Don't be afraid to try something new but try to make it fit with the brand image you've created for your restaurant.

Tell me something I don't know.

Giving your customers exclusive info like off-menu specials, limited offers, competitions or even cooking tips can be a great way to drive engagement and get your page front and centre on your customer's and their friends' social feeds. It also helps to switch content up between platforms, so don't just copy your Instagram posts to Facebook. Give your customer's a reason to follow both by posting unique content on each.

What's on the menu?

59% of millennials say they review menus online before ever going to a restaurant. Presenting your menu in an appealing and accessible way is a great way to attract discerning customers. A pinned post or link in the bio of your social accounts is a good way of doing this. Just make sure to keep it up to date if your menu changes, you don't want to be awkwardly explaining to every customer that you don't make that anymore.

Keep it fresh!

To keep your restaurant trending, it's essential to post consistently! Having large gaps between your posts will lower your ranking in the algorithm of many social media platforms, which means fewer eyes on the content you do post. Decide on a schedule that's realistic for your business. Posting once a day is great if you have the content to maintain that pace, but two or three times a week is an excellent place to start for most restaurants.

Bonus tip: Using a scheduling program like Sked can allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance. This way you can organise all your posts for the week, month, or even year (if you're super proactive) and then be able to focus on running your restaurant with all your social media taken care of.

Takeaway, please.

These pointers are just scratching the surface of Gold Coast social media marketing for restaurants, there are endless strategies to drive social media engagement.

Words Social Marketing can help you navigate through social media pitfalls and craft the perfect Gold Coast Social Media Marketing plan to grow your business. Call, email or get a free social media review to get started!

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